Royal Ontario Museum Announces Appointment of Chief Digital Officer
“As CDO, Shyam [Oberoi] will play an important role integrating digital thinking into all facets of the Museum – on site, off site and online, while fostering a culture of innovation and creativity that will contribute to our visitors’ exceptional Museum experiences.”

DMA Launches Enhanced Online Collection
This newly relaunched portal allows visitors to explore catalogue essays, summaries of historical periods, artist biographies and much more online.

Dallas Museum of Art Launches First Mobile App
In partnership with Pariveda Solutions, the DMA launches its first mobile app, for both IOS and Android.
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Why Museums Are Granting Google Free Access to Their Collections
An article in Hyperallergic on the Google Art Camera, and why museums are sharing their collections

NMC Horizon Report: 2016 Museum Edition
A research project among 44 museum experts, a report examining the trends and technologies that will drive changes to museum education and interpretation.

VRAF Regional Workshops
Funded by the Kress Foundation, the Visual Resources Association Foundation’s workshops strengthen the visual resources field by increasing awareness of visual information management while advocating for the value of images in the teaching and learning environment.

American Art Collaborative (AAC)
A consortium of art museums in the United States committed to establishing a critical mass of Linked Open Data ( LOD)

WSJ: When the Art is Watching You
Article in the Wall Street Journal on how museums, including the DMA, are examining data about their visitors.

DMA Friends
Both a technology platform and a loyalty program that promotes participation and engagement with art for all visitors to the museum.

6 More Bleeding-Edge Museum Technocrats to Watch
ArtSpace continues its series on the museum technology professionals behind the screens.

Observer:Dallas Museum of Art Hires the Met’s Shyam Oberoi as Director of Technology and Digital Media
From the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the DMA.

Open Access for Scholarly Content (OASC)
The Met releases over 400,000 images for free non-commercial use.

CBS: Google Art Project features White House, the Met …
Over 150 institutions and 32,000 works of art in the expanded, global Google Art Project, which brings “Street View” into the world’s greatest museums.

NYT: From Met Museum, Virtual Virtue
A review of the museum’s new website, including the online Collections. Quote: “the Met’s site is so encyclopedic and welcoming that it ranks among the best … for any major museum.”

NYT: One Picture, 1,000 Tags
New York Times article about Steve, an open-source, multi-institutional development project in image tagging.

Metropolitan Museum and ARTstor Announce Pioneering Initiative to Provide Digital Images to Scholars
Announcement of the partnership with ARTStor to provide images to scholars.